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Innovating Forward

Duration of market leadership through current competitive advantages have been challenged in recent years. Capturing strategic control points in the industry value chain while engaging in self-disruption through constant innovation is the only way to prolong competitive advantages, and thus, sustain superior profitability.

The Carrot and

The Stick



We so often spend out time thinking about how we can move the pieces on the chessboard to our advantage when what we really need to be doing is moving the board...

This is arguably the most exciting time - ever - to be in business. We are experiencing sweeping changes worldwide that are affecting business today in ways that we have never seen before - and the speed and magnitude of the changes are unprecedented - the dissemination of information via the Internet has fundamentally changed the way firms compete and win... 


Compete Smarter,

Not Harder

The Internet, mobile technology, the ubiquity of information and the availability of big data have dramatically increased the speed and impact of success and failure. Those who succeed today do so because they compete in the most advantageous part of the market.


However, finding the right space to compete effectively is not always easy – until now. In Compete Smarter, Not Harder, Dr. William Putsis shows you how to seize market opportunities that will have the greatest impact across multiple markets.

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